Tacoma Actors Repertory Theatre

Intimate Theatre, Accessible Art

A Place for Theater, A Space for Community

Live Theater. Tacoma Actors Repertory Theater will produce small scale, professional, high-quality plays that are not afraid to get the blood pumping.

Original works, classics and new plays from recent Off and Off Off Broadway seasons will be included in the repertory. The benchmarks of TART productions will be “out-of-the-mainstream” and actor-centered, with suggestive, theatrical design that relies on the imaginary forces of the audience.

Plays will run in rotating repertory with each other throughout the full season. A full season of performances will be comprised of six to eight individual productions.

Music Performances. Saturday night performances will be followed by music and possibly dancing after the play. One night a week, to-be-determined, will be dedicated to music, and local bands and artists will be featured. The nature of the performances will vary depending on the artists involved, but a wide variety of genres will be represented.

Alternative Performances. TART will always be looking for “alternative” performance art, which might include solo performance, performance art, sketch comedy, stand-up, story-telling, poetry, dance – whatever Tacoma artists bring to the stage. These performances will likely take place after main stage performances as a late show.

Classes. Classes will be offered on a rotating basis, four at a time in eight-week terms. For the first term TART will offer (separately) Voice, Speech, Movement for Stage and Beginning Stage Combat. These classes will likely occur between 9 AM and 1 PM in a one-hour time slots (each) on Saturdays.